Bialik Buttons Project

Please help collect 1.5 million buttons to commemorate the lives of the children who were murdered in the Holocaust.

Since 2007, the students at Bialik College have been creating a meaningful memorial for the million and a half children that were murdered during the Holocaust. They decided to collect buttons, one for each life that was lost. Their rationale was that buttons, like children, come in many different shapes, sizes and colours. The Bialik students with the help from students who have visited the Melbourne Holocaust Museum, have since collected over 700,000 buttons.

The Melbourne Holocaust Museum’s Museum has 15,000 of these buttons on display.

The students at Bialik have renewed their goal to reach 1.5 million buttons by December 2016 and to display them in an artistic sculpture at Bialik.

You can help by asking your students to please bring any spare buttons they have at home with them when they visit the Melbourne Holocaust Museum, and they can add their buttons to the pile we are collecting to help Bialik College reach their goal.

Thank you very much for your contribution of buttons!