Stop Press: Screening of ‘Camp 32’

The Melbourne Holocaust Museum will screen ‘Camp 32’, the movie by Cambodian-born Melbournian, Bunhom (Hom) Cchorn, on Sunday, 18 September, at 2.00pm.

Hom Cchorn, just six years old when he was imprisoned by the Khmer Rouge in a concentration camp, returns to his homeland to make a film about the brtual prison where his father and brother were killed and where he was imprisoned at Camp 32, a remote site in Cambodia.

After 33 years, Hom returns to his former homeland to rind the exact location of Camp 32. Hom criss-crosses the country searching for survivors and leads. Frustrated and no closer to finding Camp 32, he flags a taxi to take him to his father and brother’s memorial stone. What happens next will change Hom’s life forever.

Hom will attend the screening to introduce the film and to address questions after the screenings.

Bookings: 9528 1985 or admin@mhm.org.au