Education is a powerful tool to combat hate

Over the past 35 years, more than 700,000 students have visited the Melbourne Holocaust Museum (MHM) as participants in our education programs.

Last year 23,000 students were exposed to the primary source evidence on display in the museum and the firsthand accounts of Holocaust survivors – an experience that has a lasting impact. Linking these stories to current issues of antisemitism and prejudice in the community ensure students and teachers leave the MHM equipped with a new perspective on human rights issues.

The lessons learned during a school visit are compelling. First and foremost, we teach about the horrific events of the Holocaust and build a picture of a vibrant Jewish world in Europe that was all but decimated during World War 2. From this platform, we educate about the value of social cohesion, while teaching students about the importance of respect, justice and individual responsibility in society. Our education program clearly emphasises the dangers of racism and intolerance.

It is the most challenging time in the history of our community. We call on you to lend support to the MHM, as we rely on the generosity of individuals to continue our work.

With your vital support, students can continue to learn from the past to protect our future. Please support our Yom Hashoah Appeal  – Educate Against Hate – today by making a generous donation to the Jewish Holocaust Centre.