Educate Against Hate: Thank you for supporting us

In April, we reached out to you, our community, to ask: Will you help us educate against hate? And together, we raised over $200,000 – our most successful annual appeal to date.

Your donation has ensured we can continue to lead the way in Holocaust education in Australia.

The success of our annual appeal, thanks to our community of supporters, has also made us one step closer to our 5-year aim of reaching 50,000 students per year from 2027.

Our goals are ambitious, but we know they are possible to achieve with your continued support!

Your impact on students learning the lessons of the Holocaust

“The Holocaust started with words,” stated one Year 10 student who visited the Melbourne Holocaust Museum. Another student reflected upon meeting a survivor, “It was very personal, it was real and living history. Somehow it made the events, the words, the stories, the feelings more tangible”.

blonde woman in white shirt teaches students about the holocaust by showing them artefacts
Education Officer Melanie Attar showing Brunswick Secondary College students artefact replicas from our collection

We’re passionate about teaching today’s students to become the adults we need tomorrow. And with your donations, we can continue to impact students to create a better future.

The recent Gandel Report found a correlation between Holocaust awareness and pro-social feelings towards minority groups, refugees and First Nations Australians – a sentiment reaffirmed by a student reflecting:

“If we can stand up for others… when the discrimination starts with words, then you are doing your bit to protect all in society and prevent the persecution of any people or groups of people.”

Today’s young people are our future. We thank our community for helping us teach them about the lessons of the Holocaust and its relevance in their lives.

Uplifting the passion of our specialist educators

Our specialist educators empower students through Holocaust education.

“Thanks to our supporters, the education programs we teach will continue for future generations, and students like me will be impacted for life,” said Tracey Collie, MHM Education Programs Manager

smiling blonde woman with blue shirt
Education Programs Manager Tracey Collie

As a 15-year-old student, Tracey’s first visit to the museum with her English class was both eye-opening and life-changing. Having studied a book on one survivor’s experience during the Holocaust – her first time learning about that period in history – her education was significantly impacted by meeting and talking to Stephanie Heller, a survivor at the museum. Following this powerful experience as a student, Tracey had several teaching roles in her adult life before landing her “dream job” at the Melbourne Holocaust Museum.

“I feel humbled and privileged to work with the people I work with, particularly the survivors”, Tracey states. “All my beliefs and values as an educator have come together.”

Learning by meeting a survivor won’t be an option forever. With your support, Tracey can make sure as many students as possible can have this firsthand experience.

Amplifying survivor voices with your donation

The funds raised will help Holocaust survivors like Gilah Leder continue to speak with students.

Gilah was only 16 months when her parents found a Catholic “foster family” to care for her for during the war. Before returning to her parents before her fourth birthday, Gilah recalls hiding whenever visitors came to her foster family’s home. Her overwhelming memory, however, is one of being loved and welcomed into this new family. Gilah remains in contact with her foster siblings to this day.

Elderly lady with glasses and blue shirt smiling at camera
Holocaust survivor Gilah Leder

As the years passed, Gilah realised the importance of acknowledging the humanity that existed during that time and honouring people like her foster family.

Gilah believes it is worth focussing on the positives where they can be found, rather than only focussing on the horrors of the past – despite the undoubted long-term impact of those experiences.

“It is important to draw on whatever is positive to keep going,” she says.

At the Melbourne Holocaust Museum, Gilah has started sharing her stories with visiting students. She modestly speaks of feeling a little reluctant at first to share her story due to her young age during the Holocaust.

Gilah believes allowing everyone to look back at history and learn and grow is essential. We feel honoured to provide a platform for her voice, so she can share her wisdom and experiences on the next generation.

For your commitment, we want to say thank you

Thank you to the over 700 people who donated to our annual appeal, including 171 first-time donors. Because of people like you, our dedicated staff, volunteers and survivors can teach students about the past and the lessons of the Holocaust to combat antisemitism, racism and prejudice. Thank you for your vital support!

How you can continue to support us

There are many ways you can join us in building a better future. In addition to donating, we also offer personalised fundraising plans for simchas and special events, as well as support in organising bequests. For more information, get in touch with our team: donate@mhm.org.au