Survivor StoryPods


Recommended Levels: 5 – 12

The StoryPods enable you to engage with 10 different Holocaust survivors who made Melbourne their home after the war. Students will be able to explore a Survivor’s story by exploring artefacts, photographic evidence and testimony from the MHM collection. These personal stories give us intimate insights into history and events that would otherwise be difficult to comprehend.

This experience can also be viewed using the MHM StoryPod App for iPad.  Download it for free from the Apple store.

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For optimal viewing experience please watch this tutorial video.

Virtual Workshops

Our Virtual Workshops are interactive and facilitated by an expert Holocaust educator. This unique learning experience is custom built and designed to meet the specific needs of the teacher and their students.
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Resources for Teachers & Students

For each virtual resource, the MHM Education team have written suggested learning activities and worksheets for students to complete. In addition, Teachers will find a specific guide with recommendations on some possible ways to use these resources in the classroom.

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