Professional Development Seminar: “Teaching the Holocaust in an Age of Genocide”

Educators are invited to enrol in an all-day seminar at the Melbourne Holocaust Museum. Holocaust education permeates many areas of the school curriculum, among them history, literature, theology, ethics, media, drama and psychology. In 2012 Holocaust education will also be incorporated into the Commonwealth’s national schools’ history curriculum.

Topics to be offered include: “Where was God at Auschwitz?”; “Teaching the Holocaust through Poetry”; “Implementing the Melbourne Holocaust Museum’s ‘Eyewitness’ teaching program”; “Using Artefacts and Archival Material to Teach the Holocaust”; “The Holocaust and the Righteous among the Nations”; “The Holocaust, Rwanda and other Genocides”; “Raphael Lemkin and the Concept of Genocide”; “The Church and the Holocaust”; and “Screening the Holocaust for Students: From Schindler’s List to Storypods”.

Includes morning and afternoon refreshments, and a copy of the Melbourne Holocaust Museum’s newly-published “Eyewitness: the Survivor’s Voice” book and DVD.