Betty & Shmuel Rosenkranz Oration with Philippe Sands QC

Join us for a major online event exploring justice after the Holocaust with keynote speaker Professor Philippe Sands QC.  

For our annual Betty & Shmuel Rosenkranz Oration, international thought leader Prof. Philippe Sands QC will speak on what Nuremberg meant to the world and the challenges posed by post-Holocaust justice in the years ahead.    

Prof. Philippe Sands QC is Professor of Law at University College London and a practising barrister at Matrix Chambers. He is also an award-winning author of The Ratline (2020), East West Street (2016) Torture Team (2008) and Lawless World (2005), and contributor to the New York Review of BooksVanity Fairthe Financial Times and The Guardian 

 Our annual Betty & Shmuel Rosenkranz Oration connects Melbourne audiences with international thought leaders to gain a deeper understanding of the Holocaust within a global context.   

 Image: Betty & Shmuel Rosenkranz Oration 2021 guest speaker Prof. Philippe Sands QC 


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