Book Launch: “A Point in Time”

Book Launch – “A Point in Time: Third Anthology of the Melbourne Child Survivors of the Holocaust”

A Point in Time, the Melbourne Child Survivors of the Holocaust Group’s third anthology, is the culmination of a series of interviews that occurred over the course of six months.

The twelve featured child survivors sat with an interviewer, recounting their pre-war life, Holocaust survival, fresh start in Melbourne and subsequent contributions to and achievements in their new homeland.

Each child survivor was also asked by their interviewer to draw on key Holocaust memories they believed ultimately impacted on their life perspective, shaping them into the adults they are today.

The resulting vignettes reveal there is no single defining moment to such a question. Rather, it is the chisel of many.

At times shocking and heart-breaking, their stories are also life-affirming. Though time’s arrow took aim and left an indelible mark on these children with its merciless point, these twelve child survivors did more than just survive; they thrived.