Book Launch: ‘My Vow Never To Forget’ by the late Moshe Fiszman OAM

Born in Radom, Poland in 1921, Moshe Fiszman grew up in an orthodox Jewish household surrounded by a loving extended family.

His mother had died two years before World War II, and his father and three sisters were murdered by the Nazis. Apart from Moshe, only his older brother survived. During the war, Moshe’s life was a series of horrors – working as a slave labourer in Radom, surviving a series of Nazi extermination and labour camps, then a death march.

After the war, he met his wife Franka in a Displaced Persons camp in Italy and they made their way to Melbourne, Australia, to start a new life.

Moshe’s memoir not only paints a picture of life in pre-war Poland and the horrors he experienced at the hands of the Nazis, it also puts on record the acts of decency and courage that helped him survive his darkest days.

To be launched by Dr Michael Cohen.