Special Screening: “Chasing Asylum”


Special Screening of Academy Award-winning Director Eva Orner’s documentary: CHASING ASYLUM.

The screening, which will be proceeded by an introduction from barrister and Chasing Asylum executive producer, Steven Castan, who will participate in a Q & A session after, with Martin Appleby, former Trainer Security Officer at the Manus Island Detention Centre and whistle-blower.

The right to seek asylum arose from the ashes of the Holocaust as part of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

“a powerfully crafted plea for human rights will move many viewers to tears” Variety

**** “a viscerally intense exposé of Australia’s asylum seeker policy” The Guardian

**** “one of the most important documentaries ever made in this country”  Herald Sun

CHASING ASYLUM aims to expose the real impact of Australia’s offshore detention policies and explores how ‘The Lucky Country’ became a country whose leaders have been criticised for choosing detention over compassion and a country the government of which has been accused of depriving the desperate of their basic human rights.

The film features never-before seen footage from inside Australia’s offshore detention camps, revealing the impact of sending those in search of a safe home to languish in limbo.

CHASING ASYLUM explores the mental, physical and fiscal consequences of Australia’s decision to lock away families under conditions deemed to be unsanitary, hidden from media scrutiny, accused of destroying lives under the pretext of saving them.