Public Lecture: Ethel S Davis

Guest Speaker: Ethel S Davis on “Latvian Jewish Heritage”.

Ethel Davis will speak about her research on Latvian Jewish Heritage.

Her book, Latvia’s Haunting Secrets, charts the lives of her parents, Leo Schalit and Frieda Mallach, and their siblings who lived a cultured and happy life in Libau on the Baltic coast of Latvia. Vintage photos capture its lively Jewish community, Maccabi events and extended family gatherings. Most family members migrated to South Africa, and many descendents now live in Australia.

Ethel Davis’ research documents the atrocities committed by Nazis, Russians and Latvian collaborators from which fewer than 2% of Libau Jews survived. She has uncovered details of the horrifying murders of her aunt, uncle and cousins about whom her father had submitted testimonies to Yad Vashem shortly before his death.

The first family member to return to Latvia, Ethel will share research databases, reliable sources and accurate online records for people interested in discovering more about their roots in Latvia and Lithuania.