Art Exhibition “Forever In Our Hearts”

Official Opening of art exhibition: “Forever In Our Hearts”.
Paintings and Sculpture by local and Indigenous Artists.

Honoured Guest MIRKA MORA

The Child Survivors of the Holocaust invited artists, sculptors, survivors, second, third generation and anyone who wanted, to submit an artwork that related to the Holocaust and captured the “Heartfelt Loss” of:

  • Family: a special person, family or friends.
  • Home: memories of the town, house, the streets as they were before the war.
  • Prized items / possessions: lost during wartime but never forgotten.

Artistic Statement:

  • About the loss of a Jewish community.
  • The loss of life during the Shoah.
  • A tribute to the suffering of innocent people.

Please note: the artwork will be on display for three months at the Melbourne Holocaust Museum. Artwork can be for sale: 20% of the sale price to be donated to the Melbourne Holocaust Museum.