Public Lecture: Tim Bonyhady on “Good Living Street”

In 1900 Vienna was one of the most exciting places to live in the world and its glamorous high society and exploding arts movement were the envy of Europe.

Tim Bonyhady’s great-grandparents were leading patrons of the arts in Vienna. Gustav Klimt painted his great-grandmother’s portrait and the family knew many of Vienna’s leading cultural figures. Their lifestyle of luxury came to an abrupt end in 1938 when the family fled Vienna for Australia, taking with them the best private collection of art and design to escape the Nazis.

In his book Good Living Street, Tim Bonyhady follows the fortunes of his family from patrons of the arts to refugees from the Holocaust; from high society in Vienna to a small flat in Sydney. It is an enthralling story of three generations of women spanning a century of upheaval.