Holocaust Education Course October 2023

Please join us for our nine-week Holocaust Education Course.

This course, running over a series of consecutive weeks, spans the history of the Holocaust from the 19th century through to the liberation of the camps and return to life. Each evening will run from 7-9pm with coffee and tea provided.

The course will be facilitated by MHM Manager of Adult Education Dr Simon Holloway and Co-President Sue Hampel OAM, with each evening dedicated to a particular theme.

Dates and topics are as follows:

Week 1:  The World that Was (Thursday, 12 October)

Week 2: From the Cross to the Swastika (Thursday, 19 October)

Week 3: The Rise and Fall of German and Austrian Jewry (Thursday, 26 October)

Week 4: The Concentration Camp Universe (Thursday, 2 November)

Week 5: No session (Rosenkranz Oration at MHM)

Week 6: Death and Life in the Nazi Ghettos ( Thursday, 16 November)

Week 7: Life Unworthy of Life: The Origins of the Final Solution (Thursday, 23 November)

Week 8: By Any Means Available: Jewish Resistance (Thursday, 30 November)

Week 9: A Survey of Non-Jewish Responses to the Holocaust ( Tuesday, 5 December)

Week 9: Liberation and Return to Life (Thursday, 7 December)

This course is a necessary pre-requisite to volunteering at the Melbourne Holocaust Museum.

If you have any further questions about the course, please contact simon.holloway@mhm.org.au for further information.

Please register in advance and secure a place.

Image | Prisoners head south on a Death March from Dachau concentration camp; Gruenwald, Germany, 29 April, 1945. Courtesy of Yad Vashem.