MHM Social Club: Dr Jordana Silverstein & Dr Esther Jilovsky

MHM Social Club: Guest Speakers, Dr Jordana Silverstein, Historian & Writer and Dr Esther Jilovsky, Academic & Writer will present a lecture on “The Holocaust and the 3rd Generation”.

Jordy Silverstein is an historian, writer and granddaughter of Polish Holocaust survivors from Czestochowa and Sosnowitz. She is the author of Anxious Histories: Narrating the Holocaust in Jewish Communities at the Beginning of the Twenty-First Century.

Esther Jilovsky, an academic and writer and granddaughter of Holocaust survivors from Poland and Czechoslovakia. She is the author of Remembering the Holocaust: Generations, Witnessing and Place which traces how survivors  – the second and third generations – write about visits to Holocaust sites.

Jordy and Esther are co-editors, with David Slucki, of In the Shadows of Memory: The Holocaust and the Third Generation, the first book to collect experiences of grandchildren of Holocaust survivors.