Lecture: Writing the Holocaust Out of History

This lecture by Dr Dovid Katz will discuss the distortion and delegitimisation of the Holocaust, an area of research he has been studying for many years.

Dovid Katz, a native of New York City, established and led Yiddish studies at Oxford for 18 years, and, after a stint at Yale, settled in Vilnius, Lithuania, where he was professor at Vilnius University for many years. He has written widely in the field of Yiddish language and literature, and is at work on a new Yiddish Cultural Dictionary. For the past decade, he has led the intellectual resistance against East European efforts to effectively write the Holocaust out of history (without denying a single death) via the “Double Genocide” theory. For a dozen years, he has edited the web journal Defending History on these matters. His personal website is DovidKatz.net.

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Image: Stencil at an outdoor gallery in Kaunas, Lithuania