MHM Film Club: “They Played For Their Lives” (2017)

The MHM Film Club will be screening the documentary “They Played For Their Lives” (2017) 52 mins
Directed by: Nurit Jugend & Aaron I Butler

Guest Speaker: Tomi Kalinski, musician.

During their darkest hours, music provided hope and escape… the extraordinary story of eight musicians whose lives were saved by music.

Through intimate interviews and live performances, They Played for Their Lives artfully portrays how music saved the lives of young musicians. Playing music in the ghettos and concentration camps not only fostered spiritual strength within themselves and others, but often proved a bargaining tool that spared their lives.

The documentary follows the personal narratives of eight survivors. Chaim recounts how he saved his father from beatings, by teaching an SS officer to play the harmonica. Anita, who played cello in the Women’s Orchestra in Auschwitz, was spared inhumane forced labor. And little Hellmuth whistled with the band in exchange for extra food and clothing. Each of these unique stories illustrate the power of music to sustain the human soul. At the end of the war their lives unfold in surprising ways, yet music remains at the core of their memory and legacy. Charcoal illustrations, a live piano performance by 106-year old Alice, and a moving reunion of two boys who searched for each other for 66-years, make this compelling viewing.