MHM Social Club: Adele Hulse

MHM Guest Speaker: Adele Hulse will give a lecture on “An Amazing Life: Embracing Buddhism and Penning Holocaust Survivor Memoirs”.

Articulate, passionate and captivating, Adele Hulse will share her incredible journey with us. Raised on a farm near Mansfield, a small town in the foothills of the Victorian Alps, Adele was expelled from a convent boarding school. After studying at university, she travelled the hippie route to Afghanistan and Nepal. In 1974 she met a Buddhist guru and devoted herself to Tibetan Buddhism. She subsequently contributed to water and sanitation programs in Tibetan settlements in India and Nepal for some 18 years.

Adele’s guru encouraged her to become a writer – and she did so, writing a column in The Age for 25 years under the name of Sharon Gray. She has also spent 18 years writing a biography of Lama Thubten Yeshe, to be published next year in the USA.

In 2000 Adele joined the Write Your Story program at Melbourne’s Lamm Jewish Library (formerly Makor), which has since published 137 memoirs, devoting herself to facilitate the publication of Holocaust survivor memoirs.