MHM Social Club – Anita Frayman

Guest Speaker: Anita Frayman, Lawyer & Researcher
“Cultural Diversity among Older Jewish People in Melbourne”

Anita Frayman is a PhD Candidate at Monash University, researching cultural influences on ageing in the Melbourne Jewish community. She was involved in the Australian Jewish Community Survey, Gen08. Previous research included an oral history on immigration of Holocaust survivors, and culminated in the exhibition on the ‘Buchenwald Boys’ at the Melbourne Immigration Museum in 2005.

Anita’s interest in cultural diversity in the Melbourne Jewish community stems from her own background. Anita was born in Melbourne and, as is the case with many other Jews in Melbourne, Anita’s family comes from a variety of backgrounds. Her father was born in Czechoslovakia, her mother was born in England and her husband was born in Poland.

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