MHM Social Club: Barbara Kamler

Guest Speaker, Barbara Kamler, Emeritus Professor, Deakin University will give a lecture on “Stories of Leaving and Relocating Lives”.

The experience of leaving one’s country and settling in a new place is traumatic— involving a complex process of dislocation and relocation, unsettling and resettling. Barbara Kamler was born in New Jersey and came to Australia in 1972. Through personal narrative she will share her thoughts about the tensions of moving between ‘here’ and ‘there’, between leaving your family and acquiring another, between what you imagine and what you experience.

Barbara will read several prose poems from her new collection Leaving New Jersey and engage in conversation about the experience of mobility, loss, separation and love as it unfolds over a lifetime. Her book is a lyrical re-experiencing of putting down roots and tearing them up, an extraordinary poetic account of an ordinary woman’s quest for home. Previous presentations at The National Council of Jewish Women (Brisbane and Melbourne), WIZO Masada and the Melbourne Jewish Writers Festival were highly acclaimed.

Barbara is Emeritus Professor at Deakin University and mentors early career researchers on academic writing and publishing in Australia and overseas. She is the author of eight academic book titles, over sixty journal articles and book chapters, as well as a poetic memoir based on the life of Holocaust survivor, Blanka Wise. She has published poetry in The Age, The Australian, Australian Poetry Journal, Poetrix, Poetry New Zealand and various anthologies.