Planned Events for 2016

Wednesday 27 January 2016

UN Holocaust Memorial Day 2016

Thursday 18 February

MHM Social Club: Julie Szego

Sunday 28 February

Public Lecture: Eldad Beck

Sunday 6 March

MHM Film Club: “Wagner’s Jews”

Thursday 17 March

MHM Social Club: Dean Cohen

Sunday 20 March

“Music – A Light in the Dark”

Monday 21 March

MHM Education Course – Information Night

Sunday 3 April

Book Launch: “Within These Walls”

Sunday 10 April

MHM Film Club: “The Last Mentsch”

Thursday 14 April

MHM Social Club: Eitan Drori

Sunday 17 April

Child Survivor Group Forum

Sunday 1 May

“Shoah – Memory and Representation”

Thursday 19 May

MHM Social Club: Drs Jordana Silverstein & Esther Jilovsky

Thursday 16 June

MHM Social Club: Najaf Mazari

Saturday 18 June

“Berlin Calling” + Q&A

Sunday 26 June

In Conversation with Magda Szubanski & Leah Kaminski

Sunday 3 July

MHM Film Club: As If It Were Yesterday

Sunday 3 July

MHM Friends Film Night: Persona Non Grata

Sunday 7 July

MHM Film Club: The Wave

Sunday 14 July

MHM Social Club: Jennifer Huppert

Thursday 28 July

German Life Certificate Signing

Sunday 31 July

Memorial Tribute to Elie Wiesel Z”L

Thursday 18 August

MHM Social Club: Rabbi Fred Morgan AM

Sunday 11 September

Student March of the Living Information Night

Sunday 11 September

Adult March of the Living Information Night

Sunday 18 September

MHM Film Club: In Search of Camp-32…

Sunday 25 September

Book Launch: “Smitten with Catherine”

Thursday 29 September

MHM Social Club: Dr Ran Porat

Thursday 6 October

Public Lecture: “Historiography of the Holocaust in Yugoslavia”

Thursday 20 October

MHM Social Club: Megan Goldin

Wednesday 2 November

Karsky & the Lords of Humanity

Sunday 6 November

Commemoration: The Betty and Shmuel Rosenkranz Oration

Thursday 17 November

MHM Social Club: Dr Dvir Abramovich

Sunday 27 November

“Ever Grateful: Anonymous Rescue during the Holocaust”

Sunday 4 December

MHM Film Club: “Restless Conscience”

Sunday 11 December

Screening: “Chasing Asylum”

Monday 30 January 2017

UN International Holocaust Memorial Day 2017