MHM Film Club: “Shanghai Ghetto” (2002)

The Melbourne Holocaust Museum Film club will be screening the film
“Shanghai Ghetto” (2002) 95 mins
Directed by Dana Janklowicz-Mann & Amir Mann

In the late 1930s German Jews were trying to escape Nazi persecution, but country after country closed its doors to them. The only place in the world that did not require entrance visas was the international city of Shanghai.

Fleeing for their lives, Jewish refugees journeyed to the exotic city, arriving penniless and unprepared for life in the Far East. They thought that soon they would find a way to go back to the world they had left. Little did they know that WWII would change their lives forever, and that they had embarked on what would become a miraculous and inspiring survival story.

‘Shanghai Ghetto’ is a feature-length documentary depicting this story with interviews of survivors and historians, rare letters, stock footage, still photos and footage shot in modern Shanghai where most of the Jewish Ghetto remains unchanged.