The Jan Randa Aftermath Series in Holocaust and Genocide Studies

Event dates: August 8th – 22nd

We are pleased to announce a fantastic program for The Jan Randa Aftermath Series in Holocaust and Genocide Studies that was developed in partnership with the Australian Centre for Jewish Civilisation (ACJC) and the Melbourne Holocaust Museum.

Although still grappling with the reverberations of World War II and the Holocaust, we are encountering yet another moment of aftermath. Soon Holocaust survivors will no longer be present to offer their personal recollections and to help forge the memory of the Holocaust. It is a precarious moment that has been anticipated for some time, contributing to scholarly examinations of “postmemory” and the ways in which representations of the Holocaust might forge affective links to the past once survivors are gone. Holocaust museums in Australia and all over the world find this new transition especially consequential, as they have relied on survivor docents to guide patrons through their halls, to lead public commemoration ceremonies, and conduct student outreach.

In the face of the looming aftermath of the aftermath – one thrown into even starker relief in light of the health threats posed by COVID-19 to communities of survivors – institutions and individuals are grappling with ways to preserve and present the traces of Holocaust survivors and their stories. The Aftermath 2021 event series addresses this critical juncture in Holocaust memory by featuring scholars, artists, archivists, museum curators, and others who are working to ensure the future of Holocaust memory.

We gratefully acknowledge the generous support of the Sunraysia Foundation.

The Aftermath Series honours the memory of Dr Jan Randa, Jewish scholar, survivor and beloved educator of generations of Australian students.

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