Child Survivors Group: “Time Capsule”

The Child survivors of the Holocaust have created a Time Capsule to commemorate the history of Child Survivors in Melbourne. This time capsule will be sealed for 50 years and reopened in May 2064.

All Child Survivors together with family members, grandchildren and other young friends will be invited to attend the Closing Ceremony, Sunday 25 May, 2014 at 2.00p.m. Photos will be taken of all present on 25 May. These pictures will be the last items to be included in the Time Capsule

It is the sincere wish of all Child Survivors that their young friends and grandchildren will be present with their own young families in May 2064 to witness the “Closing” Ceremony.

The Child survivor time capsule will be a testament to all child survivors living and past. The triumphs and the tragedies of these young lives embroiled in the Holocaust should never be forgotten or ever doubted.

Child Survivors will create their own individual pages; be it a family tree, a poem, your own story, letters, etc. We ask only that your contribution be no larger than a standard A4 page.

Please provide copies of precious photos and letters etc. All items contributed to the Time Capsule will become the property of the Melbourne Holocaust Museum. Phone: Viv 9826 9248 or Eva Marks 9578 6697 for assistance.