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Ring model, Brunnlitz, 1945. Source: MHM, courtesy of Louis Gross

Schindler’s ring

This is the model used to make a signet ring for Oskar Schindler. It was made from old lead piping by one of the Jewish inmates, Jozef  Gross. At the end of the war the Jews in Schindler’s Brunnlitz factory in Moravia wanted to make a ring as a parting gift for Oskar Schindler to thank him for saving them.

Gross was a master jeweller from Krakow, Poland. He was born in 1904 into a large family. During the war he lost his whole family, his mother, his wife, Chaya Sara and young son, Ludwik, and his seven siblings.




Frank Golding’s diary

Britain, 1939

On his release from Buchenwald concentration camp following his imprisonment in November 1938 during the Kristallnacht pogrom, Franz Goldstein was required to leave immediately for Britain, which he did. He changed his name to Frank Golding and joined the British Army. He also wrote a diary, first in German and then in English, documenting his torment in Buchenwald.

Czech Torah Scroll

Almost the entire Jewish population of this town was murdered during the Holocaust. Yet this Torah scroll miraculously survived and the Melbourne Holocaust Museum now has the opportunity to make this scroll stand tall as a symbol of the survival and continuity of Jewish life in the face of the attempted annihilation of Jewry from Europe.

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