Federal Government Supports MHM to Expand its Reach to Every Victorian Child

The Melbourne Holocaust Museum is excited to announce that the Morrison Government will fund a further expansion of the facility in order to ensure that every Victorian child has the opportunity to learn the vital lessons of the Holocaust.

This grant will enable us to take the current redevelopment plans to the next level. These funds are additional to the $16 million we are raising for the planned new building and will enable us to create an incredible facility with increased capacity and outreach.

“This extraordinary funding will enable us to further expand and resource our proposed redevelopment so that we can host more than double the number of students we do currently and deliver high quality education programs to all,” says Museum Director, Jayne Josem. “This grant, together with the generous support and pledges we’ve received so far will enable us to provide every Victorian child with the opportunity to learn the lessons of the Holocaust, lessons that are so frighteningly relevant today.”

The Melbourne Holocaust Museum’s mission aligns closely with the Government’s drive to promote social cohesion and educate against hate. Ms Josem says the new funding will enable the MHM to create an expanded range of stimulating programs to engage students. “We will be able to develop new resources for teachers to help them meet the challenges around this daunting subject, ensuring it is taught both accurately and safely. We will also be able to form partnerships with organisations that have resources for Holocaust education and work together to get these tools into classrooms.”

“We are working hard to raise the full capital needed to build our new building and we are grateful to the wonderful donors who have already indicated they will support the redevelopment. This fundraising effort is ongoing,” said Ms Josem. “With this transformational Federal funding, we will be able to further grow the vision of our survivor founders with vastly improved resources and deliver on our promise to teach the vital lessons of the Holocaust to future generations.