From the Vault: MHM Lecture Series

Unlock past lectures held at the MHM from over a decade ago, and watch them in the comfort of your home. The MHM has hosted many lectures throughout the years, including international and national thought-leaders and we wanted to share these with you. Every month we will publish our program of lectures. Keep an eye out on this page or our social media channels to see what lectures will be unlocked next month.

See the May lectures by scrolling down the page. Bookings for the June series will be available soon.

Lectures in June will be:

  • 2 June ‘Why the Jews’ (2007) Prof. Yehuda Bauer
  • 9 June ‘Double Genocide’ (2011) Prof. Dovid Katz
  • 16 June ‘The Story of Mendel Grossman’ (2010) Dr Gideon Greif
  • 23 June ‘The Ongoing Pursuit of Nazi Criminals ‘ (2011) Dr Efraim Zuroff
  • 30 June ‘Resistance in the Warsaw Ghetto’ (2007) Prof. Yehuda Bauer