Global Rise in Religious Hate Crimes

These last few months have revealed a terrifying trend in sectarian violence with horrific attacks across the globe on mosques, churches and synagogues. Today we mourn for the victim of an armed attack on a synagogue in San Diego. Just last week we mourned for hundreds in Sri Lanka in a shocking Easter attack and prior to that in Christchurch there were 50 victims of terror. Meanwhile, in many countries around the world, such as in Nigeria, these issues are not isolated but ongoing.

The Melbourne Holocaust Museum offers its profound condolences to families of all these victims of religious extremism. All people, no matter what creed, should feel secure to go about their worship.

Today we urge our leaders, across the political spectrum and across this wide country, to set the tone for an inclusive society, welcoming to all. We will continue to play our part to educate against hate and educate for social harmony.