Melbourne Holocaust Museum ‘Hide and Seek’ Program awarded

The Melbourne Holocaust Museum is delighted to have received a Victorian Multicultural Excellence Award for its ‘Hide and Seek: Stories of Survival’ education program.

Victoria’s Multicultural Awards for Excellence acknowledge outstanding achievements and services of people and organisations who have actively supported cultural diversity and made a real impact in promoting community harmony. The Centre’s award was for ‘Outstanding practices in education services that raise awareness and support the implementation of civics, citizenship and multicultural education.’

The award was presented to the Melbourne Holocaust Museum’s Director of Education, Lisa Phillips, by the Governor The Hon Linda Dessau at a ceremony at Goverment House in December 2015.

The Middle school program ‘Hide and Seek, Stories of Survival’ allows younger students (Years 5-8) to explore the Holocaust through age appropriate experiential learning activities.


Students explore:

  • Impact of restrictions and discrimination against Jews in the Nazi Europe era
  • Challenges of physically hiding
  • Difficulties of taking on a new identity or having to flee one’s home
  • Listening to stories of survival
  • Access to artefacts and images from the Holocaust
  • Opportunity to meet a Holocaust survivor

This program is supported by