Melbourne Holocaust Museum condemns Christchurch mosque attack

We are at a loss for words after the deadly attack yesterday in Christchurch on innocent people going about their daily worship. No-one should be terrorised for their faith, and we offer profound condolences to friends and families of the victims as we reel in abject horror at the events.

The one thing that stood out about the gunman is his self-professed disinterest in education. Ignorance breeds hate. This is an attack on the rights of citizens of the world to move freely and safely. Labelling innocent people of different ethnicities as ‘invaders’ is part of the mindset that breaks down societal harmony and ultimately leads to murder, as we have witnessed time and time again. The rise of far-right racism is of great concern to us all, and particularly to survivors of the Holocaust and their descendants, who vowed ‘Never Again’. We need to stand united against racism and hate.