Melbourne Holocaust Museum statement: Netflix ‘Historical Roasts’ series

The Netflix ‘Historical Roasts’ series has controversially included an episode satirizing one of the most well-known and well loved Holocaust victims, Anne Frank. A group of Melbourne Holocaust survivors have called on Netflix to take the episode down. Mostly guides at the Melbourne Holocaust Museum they are Joe de Haan, Irma Hanner, John Chaskiel and Annette Able.

The episode is distasteful and disrespectful. It features a cast of Jewish comedians playing Hitler, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Anne Frank. We know that during the Holocaust Jews used humour to survive. However humour used to survive the indescribable horror of the Holocaust is not to be compared to humour created in 2019 for the purpose of mindless entertainment. This episode trivializes the Holocaust and the real unbearable pain and suffering of Anne Frank and the millions of victims she represents.

The Melbourne Holocaust Museum wishes to add its voice to the criticism of the program and hopes that the comedians responsible can be made to understand the sensitivities. Perhaps a visit to a Holocaust Museum would be a good starting point.