Moving History

We sincerely thank Marica and Jacinta from Melbourne University’s Grimwade Centre for Material Cultures Conservation for the great care they took in working on the Treblinka model these past few days. Not only were they challenged by the current COVID environment, but trying to work around the barbed wire provided additional headaches, which they patiently and painstakingly overcame.

Their respect for the model and its dark story was supremely evident as they quietly went about their work. Items that could be removed for treatment have been carefully plotted in detail so that they can be put back in exactly the right position, and will now be taken away for conservation treatment and securely housed during our relocation. It was a privilege to watch the conservators at work, so we wanted to share this with you.

The model was made by former Treblinka sonderkommando Chaim Sztajer, one of less than 70 survivors of the Treblinka Uprising, to bear witness to the suffering of so many, as well as memorialise his wife, daughter, family members and friends who were victims. This rare and significant model has been the centrepiece of our museum for over 30 years and will continue to be the centrepiece when we reopen in 2022.

View some photos below.