Currently, we are rebuilding and our new museum will reopen in early 2023 with two exhibition spaces.  

Meanwhile, our Schools Education program is continuing as well as our Library and Resource Centre.

Core exhibition: The Holocaust 

Due to the sensitive nature of the content in this museum, we recommend that children no younger than 12 years old attend and that children under 16 are accompanied by an adult at all times.  

This museum will display the tragic and confronting events of the Holocaust, through the unique lens of Melbourne survivors, incorporating their testimony, photos, artworks, documents and artefacts.  The exhibition starts with a picture of the diversity and vitality of life before the war and ends with survivors arriving in Melbourne to start a new life. The museum explores the rise of the Nazi party and the terror that was subsequently reigned on the Jews of Europe, starting in Germany and then spreading throughout Europe. It will provoke questions throughout, such as, how were these events humanly possible? 

Special New Museum for Younger Visitors 

We are excited to be creating an innovative new space, designed for 10-14 year-olds, to introduce concepts of prejudice and standing up for others, presented in an engaging format. 

The exhibition will allow visitors to discover the experiences of 7 child survivors of the Holocaust, who attribute their survival to the kindness of others. The example of people who risked their lives to help Jews is a shining light in this dark period and will serve as a point of inspiration for the audience. 

With Assistance from the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany
Sponsored by the Foundation “Remembrance, Responsibility and Future”             
Supported by the German Federal Ministry of Finance