Teacher Professional Learning Program Registration

We look forward to your participation in the Melbourne Holocaust Museum’s Teacher Professional Learning program.

Terms & Conditions

By accepting your invitation to enrol you acknowledge that the course is being provided to you free of charge as part of a Victorian Department of Education and Gandel Philanthropy funded initiative, to assist teachers in delivering Holocaust Education in Victorian Government Secondary Schools, and we ask you to please agree to the following:

Intellectual Property

The course content, supporting materials and teacher resources are the intellectual property of the Melbourne Holocaust Museum and are not for reproduction or use without the written permission of the Museum Director & CEO.

Reproduction & Distribution

Any student resources provided may be used by you in your teaching environments but are not for reproduction or distribution outside of your individual teaching endeavours.

Research & Evaluation

To ensure we deliver the program to the highest standards the MHM has commissioned Think HQ to conduct an independent study of the program as it is implemented during the 2021 school calendar year. As part of your acceptance to the Professional Learning Program you agree to provide feedback by means of online survey, and/or interview, and/or focus group as part of your participation in the course.  Any information collected during the study will be maintained on a confidential basis and access will be restricted to people conducting the study. Your name or school will not be disclosed, nor will details of your answers be given to anyone. Some of your comments may be included in a report on the study, but these will be completely de-identified. Should you have any questions, please contact Andre Gulyas at andre@think-hq.com.au who will be happy to discuss the study or answer any questions you may have.