Volume 28 No. 3 – December 2006

In this issue:

  • Shmuel Rosenkranz’s Inaugural JCCV Award
  • Message from Sir Elie Wiesel
  • Use of Humour in Therapy by Dr. Nathan Serry
  • Israeli Professor Gathers Local Testimonies
  • Problems in Post-Holocaust Theology by Rabbi Fred Morgan
  • Seminar with Indigenous Community
  • Why Yiddish? by Moshe Ajzenbud
  • The Magical World of Sarah Saaroni by Stan Marks
  • Memorable Auction Raises Over $120,000
  • Students’ Inspirational Words About the Centre
  • JCCV Award to Centre Volunteers
  • UJEB Bat Mitzvah Visits to the Centre
  • Israeli Ambassador Honours ‘Righteous Among The Nations’
  • Arthur Calwell and Jewish Refugees
  • My Year As A Guide by Kitia Altman
  • Archives’ Acquisitions
  • Personal Announcements
  • Yiddish by Moshe Ajzenbud

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