Permanent Exhibitions

Walk through history with our permanent exhibitions, which feature testimonies, artefacts, photographs and documents from our Melbourne survivor community. Through these exhibitions, you’ll learn about the Holocaust from a uniquely Melbourne perspective – and be inspired by our survivors’ personal testimonies.

Holocaust Exhibition: Everybody Had a Name


Recommended age 15+; allow up to 90 minutes

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Everybody Had a Name breaks the expansive and tragic events of the Holocaust into small stories, illustrated by powerful photographs and evocative artefacts.

This exhibition, for ages 15+, honours the survivors who migrated to Melbourne – and built a strong, beautiful community from the ashes of the Holocaust.

Hidden: Seven Children Saved


Recommended age 10+; allow 45 minutes

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This modern new space is designed for younger visitors 10+.

Presented in an engaging format, Hidden introduces concepts of prejudice and the importance of standing up for others.

Visitors learn about the experiences of seven child survivors of the Holocaust, who all attributed their survival to the kindness of others.

The instances of people risking their lives to save Jewish people were the shining beacons during this dark period – serving as a point of inspiration for the audience.

Walk with Me


Recommended age 15+; allow 30 minutes

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Experience the story of a survivor like never before. As Holocaust survivor John Szaja Chaskiel z”l takes us to the sites of his incarceration and the streets of his hometown, it’s like you’re walking right there beside him.  

VR headsets are not permitted for children under the age of 13.

Online Exhibitions

Learn about the experiences of our Melbourne-based survivors and explore artefacts from your home or classroom through our online exhibitions.

Ask a Survivor

Through this interactive experience, you’ll get to ask Holocaust survivors one of 18 commonly posed questions.

Understanding Through Testimony

Meet 26 of our Melbourne survivors – and understand the events of history through firsthand accounts and individual voices.

Lodz Ghetto: Strength of Hope

Meet survivors Bono Wiener and Abram Goldberg through curated testimony and artefacts and learn how they resisted the Nazis.

Past Exhibitions

Have a look at some of our past exhibitions that made an impact.

Registered, Persecuted, Annihilated

A comprehensive overview of the Nazi program, known as T4, to murder mentally ill and disabled people between 1939 and 1945.

Jewish Life in Germany Today

A special exhibition that combined the historical and contemporary aspects of life within the Jewish community in Germany.

Ties that Bind

A 9-minute documentary film created and directed by Vivian Parry – former Board Director of Melbourne Holocaust Museum and Chairperson of Child Survivors of the Holocaust.

I Am My Brother’s Keeper

A travelling exhibition from Yad Vashem that tells the stories of non-Jews who, at great risk to their own lives, saved Jews during the Holocaust.

Tribute: Child Survivors of the Holocaust

This exhibition shows the lives of child survivors through the medium of a painted portrait and a sketch of the sitter as a young child.

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