Child Survivors of the Holocaust: Heirloom: second anthology of the Melbourne Child Survivors of the Holocaust,

In this their second anthology, the Melbourne Child Survivors of the Holocaust have attempted an ambitious task: in essays, poetry, anecdotes and art work, to reflect on the influence their experiences of the Holocaust have had on their lives.  The work has been grouped according to three broad themes: Life afterwards, focusing in particular on the experience of emigration to Australia; family; and memory.

The contribution which membership of the group has played in the members’ journey is also a vital part of this collection.  The relevance of these mature reflections reaches far beyond the Holocaust itself.

They will inspire those who have themselves suffered trauma or who are engaged in helping others overcome it.

Heirloom’s varied collection of text and art work documents not just surviving the Holocaust, but surviving with the Holocaust: how we remember and mourn, what we have created.