Transitional space in the MHM memorial room.

The MHM is providing the public the opportunity to memorialise loved ones murdered during the Holocaust or honour a Holocaust survivor with a memorial-star plaque within our dedicated memorial room. These memorial stars are purposefully designed, by Jolson Architects, for those wishing to have a physical memorial for loved ones who were murdered in the Holocaust, or Holocaust survivors who have since passed away.

The memorial room will accommodate over 5,000 Star-of-David shaped stars, made out of steel. The memorial stars will be created in two different tones of bronze — one representing those who were murdered and one representing Holocaust survivors — allowing visitors to the memorial room a greater connection to the experiences of each individual name.

The memorial star will be engraved with the name of the honoured individual. A further short dedication will be placed in our digital memorial at the entrance of the memorial room.

The memorial stars are available to the public by way of an $1800 donation to the MHM

To memorialise your loved ones, or honour a survivor with a memorial star, please fill out the donation form below. Please note, a separate form will need to be completed for each individual memorial star. For further assistance, please contact donate@mhm.org.au or call 9528 1985.

The Memorial Room is a small project located within the new Melbourne Holocaust Museum designed by KTA. Its purpose, to allow visitors to pay their respect to the victims of the Holocaust and their families who settled in Melbourne after the war; whose families emerged from the shadows of darkness and gave birth to a community; and to collectively remember, but more importantly, never forget.

The project has given me the opportunity to memorialise Maria, in a meaningful way. I know that the star I have donated – and the memory of her name – will exist in perpetuity.”

Tamar Paluch Ben Zeev
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