Rebirth 1945, Saba Feniger

Rebirth 1945 portrays the lives of several Holocaust survivors after their liberation.  In the displaced persons camp they start to rebuild their lives and find love once again.

Saba Feniger was born in 1924 in Lodz, Poland.  She endured years of oppression and starvation in the Lodz Ghetto, at Auschwitz-Birkenau and in the Stutthof Concentration Camp.  Following a sea evacuation from Stutthof, she was liberated by the British Army in 1945 at Neustadt/Holstein.

Saba lost all her immediate and extended family, except for her middle sister, Eda.  In 1949 she arrived in Melbourne, Australia.  Saba married a survivor and had two daughters and six grandchildren.

Saba worked for seventeen years as a voluntary curator at the Jewish Holocaust Museum.

In 1999 she published her memoir Short Stories, Long Memories.