My Life in the Lucky Country, Halina Zylberman

Life in the Lucky Country is often not so lucky for Holocaust survivor Halina. As she circumnavigates the cultural jungle of post-war Melbourne to carve out a new life, Halina discovers the many ironies of the phrase “Lucky Country” made famous by Donald Horne in his scathing 1964 critique of Australia. While Australia is a young and free world, it is not devoid of the racism and sexism of the old world Halina left behind. Playing out in three acts; Trials, Travels and Tributes, Halina Zylberman’s story chronicles the oft-underestimated strength of quiet determination. Negotiating and triumphing against many stumbling blocks and obstacles fought hard to overcome in the pursuit of happiness, fairness and family, by the time the reader arrives at Halina’s third act, they are ready to celebrate all Halina has achieved and won for herself, her immediate family and her community.