Vive la France?, Maurice White

A French teenager tells of his life under the German Occupation.

You are twelve. Caught up in a war you don t understand. Four years of hell, then over a handful of weeks, you lose everyone and everything you held dearest and deemed essential to your life. You are alone. The war ends. You have survived. Why? How? What for? Gradually life returns to normal and demands to be lived but you don’t care. Slowly, reluctantly, you go through the motions of living again. You breathe, but it isn’t enough. So, you go on the merry-go round and start doing what normal and civilized human beings do: you work, you win, you lose, you grow up, you love. The war is over they said but is it, really? So close your eyes and go back…back to the summer of ’39. The river Touques winds its way through the lush green countryside of Normandy. As it reaches the sea, it bids farewell to Trouville, a holiday resort where your parents have chosen to spend the season. Today, you are playing on the beach, and no one, but no one, is aware of the coming of Armageddon.