March into life: a memoir, Max Zilberman

March into Life is the compelling story of Max Zilberman’s journey from the comfort of a loving family in pre-war Lodz, Poland, through the horror of the Lodz Ghetto, into the nightmare of Auschwitz, the Death March through Poland to Germany in the freezing winter of 1945, to yet another camp in Buchenwald in April, 1945, a starving bag of bones aged only 19.

This book is both a testament to Max’s remarkable memory and a powerful narrative in its depiction of his life from the 1930s until liberation.  But more than this, it also tells of Max’s rebirth in Switzerland from mid-1945 to the end of 1948, and his new life in Melbourne, Australia where he married and started a family.

March into Life is a story given as a gift to Max’s family as well as to the wider community who will appreciate its honesty, warmth and value as a significant historical document.