The Jews of Thessaloniki: From antiquity and the Inquisition, to the Holocaust and today

Join us at the Melbourne Holocaust Museum to hear Dr Leon Saltiel speak about the Jews of Thessaloniki.

The lecture will explore the more than 2000 years of Jewish life in the Greek city of Thessaloniki and focus on key moments such as its creation in antiquity, the impact of the Inquisition, its incorporation to the Greek state, the Holocaust, and Jewish life in the city today.

Leon Saltiel is a historian specialising in the Holocaust in Greece. His publications include The Holocaust in Thessaloniki: Reactions to the Anti-Jewish Persecution, 1942–1943, which won the 2021 Yad Vashem International Book Prize for Holocaust Research, and ‘Do Not Forget Me’: Three Jewish Mothers Write to their Sons from the Thessaloniki Ghetto.

Leon is a member of the Central Board of Jewish Communities of Greece and of the Greek delegation to the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance.. He currently serves as Director of Diplomacy, Representative at UN Geneva and UNESCO, and Coordinator on Countering Antisemitism for the World Jewish Congress.

Image | Jewish family in Thessaloniki, courtesy USHMM.