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Dad has a glove-making business in one of the rooms of our apartment. I love going into his workshop and picking up the leather scraps on the floor.

We speak Yiddish at home, but at kinder we speak French. It’s a bit confusing on my first day, but Mum says I’ll learn French quickly. Soon I will speak two languages!


I’ve started going to a Catholic school. I’m not sure why I can’t go to my old school anymore. All around the city are buildings that have been damaged by German.


bombs. Why are the Germans attacking Belgium? I’m finding life very confusing and scary.


Dad has to close his business. We’re only allowed to go out at certain times of the day. And when I go out, I have to wear a yellow star. Mum and Dad told me to carry my satchel so that it hides my star. I’m not allowed to go to school anymore.