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The below is the translation of a postcard sent to Halina from her father.


January 11th, 1945, 7p.m.


My Dear Love,


I am alone in my flat. As it happens, the other tenants have gone away for a few days. I am glad that I have free time so that I can speak with you. I came home at five o’clock and started to darn my socks. They are in terrible condition. I finished two pairs and then I thought of what to cook for supper. I had barley, so I threw some into boiling water, and it’s cooking now. I have no hope that something good will emerge, since I have no fat to add. Perhaps I’ll add sugar. My shoes got soaked because of the thaw, so I’m sitting wearing clogs while they dry beside the stove. I’m basking in the warmth and the sense of peace, and I’m thinking of you. I wonder what you are doing right now and when finally, I’ll be able to see you again. I’m sending you a parcel with a lady who is going to Radom on Saturday and when she comes back I’ll be able to write to you where you can collect it. The barley is cooking, but since it’s still hard, I’m going to read the newspaper for a bit. I’m tired. I gave three piano lessons of two and a half hours, (and I’m not such an expert as a teacher), so I’ll lie down straight after supper. Write to me, my love and share with me just one picture from your life so that I can be together with you for a few moments.


Wholeheartedly, I kiss you and greet you,


Your Antosia