I am now the head altar boy. It’s my duty to light the candles and make sure there are enough wafers and wine. Then I put water in the crystal jar for the priest and check that all the other altar boys are dressed properly.


Madame Jacqmotte says if we get caught and want to go to heaven we must first become Christians.


When I told Mum and Jacques during their last visit that I have accepted Jesus as my Saviour and that I want to be baptised, Mum was so upset. She said, ‘We Jews have survived many centuries of Christian persecution and surrendering now, especially now, would mean they’ve won. We live as Jews and we die as Jews. We do not betray our origins and beliefs because we are under threat.’


I’ve never heard my Mum speak about her Jewish past like this. But I feel relieved and calm about my decision to be baptised with all the other kids here.

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