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Lodz Committee at the 2023 Lodz Commemoration.

In 1953 an initiating committee was formed with the aim of calling a general meeting of Melbourne Jews from the Polish city of Lodz and organising an evening to commemorate the memory of their annihilated community. 


Today’s Lodz Committee consists of second and third-generation descendants. As the years pass by and we have fewer survivors with us, we realise the importance of involving the younger generations in helping us remember the Lodzers who called Melbourne their home. 

Contact Details: 

Melanie Raleigh

E: melraleigh35@gmail.com


Past events

Lodz Ghetto Commemoration 2022
Speakers include: Holocaust survivor Mr Abram Goldberg OAM in conversation with his son Charlie; George Greenberg AM, child of Holocaust survivors, and family; child of Holocaust survivors Marcia Jacobs; and a tribute to Holocaust survivor, the late Mr David Prince (z”l).
Lodz Ghetto Commemoration 2021
Speakers include: Holocaust Survivor Krysia Lipshutz and her granddaughter Andrea Lipshutz. Second generation Frances Prince with her father, Holocaust Survivor David Prince (z”l) and third generation Mel (Lipson) Raleigh and her son, fourth generation, Tyler Raleigh.