Lodz Ghetto bridge. Courtesy of Yad Vashem.

Lodz Ghetto: Strength of Hope


Program Details

Type: Virtual resource
Duration: 90 minutes
Recommended age: Levels- 9–12


Launch Program


This interactive program features the experiences of Holocaust survivors Bono Wiener and Abram Goldberg in Lodz Ghetto.

Through curated video testimonies and artefact images, you’ll learn about how they survived the adverse conditions and resisted Nazi persecution.

And the answer to the biggest question of all: How did they not lose hope?

Best viewed on a tablet or computer. 


A closer look at a difficult time

Two survivors. Six chapters. Thirty-three stories.

The Lodz Ghetto: Strength of Hope online exhibition gives you a closer look at the different aspects of all that was happening in Lodz Ghetto. Learn how Bono Wiener and Abram Goldberg resisted the Nazis – and found meaning during this difficult time.

The exhibition covers:

    • Bono and Abram’s experiences
    • The Lodz Ghetto itself
    • The control of information
    • Nazi terror
    • Hope and resistance
  • Preparing for your visit

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Despite not being in the museum physically, the students were still able to learn about and 'interact' with the artefacts. They came into the next class ready to discuss these artefacts and how they've enhanced or challenged our historical understanding of the Holocaust"

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