Volume 30 No. 1 – April 2008

In this issue:

  • The Importance of Education
  • The New Education Director
  • Memory Service At The Centre
  • Was It Really Seventy Years Ago?
  • Israel’s 60th Birthday
  • Guides’ Graduation
  • Preparing for the Future: Audio Guides
  • A Lifetime of Community Work
  • Scholarship Winners
  • UN Holocaust Memorial Day
  • Dr Natan Kellermann’s Trauma Workshop
  • Emmanuel Santos Wall of Photos
  • Courage to Care
  • New Museum in Novogrudok
  • The Jewish Past and Future of Shanghai
  • The Roller Family
  • A Personal Response to the Nation’s Apology
  • Humor Born of Sadness
  • One Woman’s War, Life, Loves Remembered
  • Kindertransport Play


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