Volume 34 No. 1 – April 2012

In this issue:

  • From the President
  • Editor’s letter
  • Director’s cut
  • Education
  • Melbourne Holocaust Museum celebrates prestigious MAGNA award and record number of visitors
  • From access to integration: digital technologies and the study of Jewish history
  • Chasidei Umot HaOlam
  • Elliot Perlman: writing about history, memory and human rights
  • Good Living Street
  • Remembering the Shoah is not enough
  • Surviving the Cap Arcona disaster
  • The healing process
  • Faith
  • A time to remember
  • Introducing Reuben Zylberszpic and Dominik Armellini
  • Valuing laughter: the role(s) of humour in Holocaust films
  • Kristallnacht commemoration and special tribute to Shmuel and Betty Rosenkranz
  • Light in the darkness: the Jewish and Hellenic experience of rescue
  • Celebrating 65 years since the arrival of the SS Johan de Witt
  • Mazal tov to Phillip Maisel, Willy Lermer and Fred Steiner
  • Book reviews
  • MHM Social Club
  • Friends of the Melbourne Holocaust Museum
  • Seen around the Centre
  • Stories from the Collection
  • New acquisitions
  • Twins celebrate their bar mitzvah by giving to the Melbourne Holocaust Museum
  • Celebrating Kitia Altman and Sabina Josem
  • Obituaries
  • Community news


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